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Recoil offer comprehensive service packages for whichever bike lover you are.

Mountain or Road

The following service is recommended for bikes that are cleaned and looked after on a regular basis and should really be done every six months.

  • Remove the drive chain and wheels degrease and clean
  • Seat post removed cleaned and regressed or carbon grip pasted as necessary
  • Check gear hanger is true
  • Frame checked for damage after full clean
  • Refit drive train and lube
  • Adjust the gears so that they all run smoothly
  • True the wheels
  • Inflate tyres to your preference
  • Check tyres for dame age
  • Check braking system alinement and adjustment
  • Check all bolts are done up to correct torque


We also offer a rebuild service where we strip the bike back to its frame

  • Fully degrease all parts
  • Check frame for cracks and polish
  • Check the gear hanger is true and adjust as necessary
  • Regrease or carbon grip the seatpost and refit
  • True the wheels
  • Inflate tyres to your preferred psi
  • Check tyres for damage
  • Replace all inner and outer cables for brakes and gears
  • Replace the fluid and Bleed all hydraulic brakes
  • Adjust the gears to run smooth
  • Remove bottom bracket and refit with the threads cleaned and re-greased (except press fit)
  • All bolts checked to the correct torque


We also carry out new bike PDI check

  • Check for damage
  • Check that both wheels run smoothly and are true
  • True wheels if necessary
  • Check stem alignment and security
  • Check handlebar clamp and all controls are secured to the correct torque
  • Check the operation of both brakes
  • Check all cables fitted with end caps if necessary
  • Check bottom bracket for play
  • Inspect chain
  • Check front and rear gear mechs are running correct
  • Check that the gears all run through smooth
  • Check torques where required
  • Check reflectors fitted and bell (road use)
  • Check operation of lights (road use

If you don’t see the service you require, please contact us to discuss your requirements. We are pride ourselves on our flexibility, and ability to provide a service which is second to none.

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