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Andreani Approved Service Centre

Andreani Service Centre

Andreani Service Centre

Andreani Service Centre

After a few months of contemplation (and nagging the wife) I decided it would be beneficial to take a short trip over to Italy and attend what I call ‘career development training’ at Andreani Group. You can never have enough training in this business in my opinion. It’s an ever evolving business with new technologies appearing all the time.

So being thoughtful husband I am, I asked my wife to come with me. I thought we’d have quite a few hours off a day to do a little sightseeing and touristy stuff. How wrong can one man be? and how long will I be in the dog house?

Basically the course consisted of two 12+ hour days of intense education with a group of 14 other like minded people from all over the world. Now I had great fun learning how different shims effect shock operation by altering the passage of oil, amongst a million other things. My wife on the other hand not so much. It wasn’t sunbathing weather nor holiday season so as beautiful as Italy is there wasn’t much for her to do.

Anyway I think I’m now forgiven, helped massively by me receiving my Andreani Certificate. (I’m the one at the back without hair).

Andreani Service Centre

The moral of the story… All’s fair in love and MTB.

Oh, and most importantly Recoil Suspension is now an Andreani approved service centre. This means we have the right kit, and the right training, to do the best job on your Forks and Shocks.

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