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Peaty’s Sealant In Stock Now

Peaty's sealant at Recoil Suspension

Peaty's sealant at Recoil Suspension

We are pleased to announce we are now your local Leicestershire stockist for Peaty’s Sealant.

If you’ve not heard, after retiring from the world of racing Downhill World Cups, Steve Peat, has been busying himself creating (along with scientific folk) this incredible looking sealant.

Although it comes in various sizes (5ltr, 1ltr and 120ml) we have chosen to stock the 120ml trail pouch in the Recoil Suspension bike repair shop. They have a handy 60ml line measure on the pack so you know where you stand when filling as each pack holds enough to do two 27.5″ tyres. The product also boasts of being non-hazardous, non-toxic and completely bio-degradable so it’s great for the planet too.

The Peaty’s Sealant is stylised brilliantly. But not does it look great, it looks great for a reason. I’ll let the Peaty’s website explain that part for you…

“The biodegradable ‘nano-platelets’ in Peaty’s Tubeless Sealant perform like platelets do in the blood and assist with the repair of larger holes and tears in the internal tyre. The ‘nano-platelets’ are completely biodegradable but look like blue glitter so if you do happen to blow a tyre off the rim, it looks spectacular!”

If that’s not enough to convince you apparently the product has been tested by some of the world’s best Downhill and Enduro racers as well!

So there you have it. Peaty’s Sealant is in stock now at Recoil Suspension.


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