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Reverb Full Service A1/A2


Reverb full rebuild service


Strip down


Replacement of the seals, circlip, foam ring, bushes, wiper seal, air valve, cap, brass keys, bleed screws

New reverb fluid

Bleed the system and check operation

Please note: We need to know if the post is broken or is damaged in any way so we can order any extra parts – these will be chargeable.


We recommend that you have your RockShox suspension serviced by a qualified bicycle mechanic. Servicing RockShox suspension requires knowledge of suspension components, as well as the use of specialized tools and lubricants/fluids. Failure to follow the procedures outlined in this service manual may cause damage to your component and void the warranty.

Visit for the latest RockShox Spare Parts catalogue and technical information. For order information, please contact your local SRAM® distributor or dealer.

The information contained in this publication is subject to change at any time without prior notice. Your product’s appearance may differ from the pictures contained in this publication.

Product Identification – ReverbTM

Production versions of Reverb can be identified visually. Your Reverb can be identified by the colour of the Speed adjuster and graphic on the upper post.

A2 – Upper Post – No RockShox® Logos

A2 – Remote – Black Speed Adjuster


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